manor self-catering



During weekend summer events, you'll also have use of most of the main part of Killyon Manor for self-catering (up to 10 residents, in three bedrooms and two bathrooms). We also include a tented camp for ten people. You'll have the freedom of the manor and the sixty acre estate with its rambling forests, fields and river. And of course, you'll have the huge ballroom to play in. Dogs are welcome, too.

The manor's our home, and a rickety old place, full of charm, fun and character, with incredible views and a very personal feel - filled as it is with our random collection of distressed and new furniture, and curiosities from the family’s obsessive globe-trotting. Our main object is to make you feel comfortable, uplifted and relaxed, rather than unsettle you with crystal, chintz or portraits.

From the large country kitchen, to ballroom sports, to the library full of old books, vintage games and instruments, it’s a superb place for a party with a gang of friends, or family. Read on to get the basic details.